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            Industry focus


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            Educational Administration System

            Educational Administration System assists the educational management in its standardization and normalization with integrated management of recruitment, achievement management, record management, teaching management and system maintenance.


            Based on the management model of large-size and complex training school and advanced methodology in education, the system ranks among world-class information management platforms.


            Examination System

            Examination System can be used in the examination to check the students’ oral English. It installs in the computer specially designed man-machine conversation, subjects in the examination including words, pictures, or videos.

            With this system, the computer will save answers of the examinees who answer the questions in front of the computers. The examination director can download those answers to appraise and give the grade.

            This system helps to raise the work efficiency of grading, reduce the number of the assessors, take up larger number of examinees at one time, and keep the subsistence for future reference.


            Case Study

            Online learning education Liferay portal system

            Educational Information System & Data Warehouse Integration



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