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            • ITARI


            • Company Tel:86-10-62431717
            • Solution Tel:86-10-62431697
            • Company Fax:86-10-62431800
            • Email:suport@rayootech.com


            RayooTech IT Application Research Institute —China's first enterprise IT application research institute, was inaugurated in Beijing on Nov.16, 2008. 

            The IT Application Research Institute (ITARI) was set up on the basis of the Technology & Platform Development Department of RayooTech. The research institute, which will boast an Expert Advisory Committee of six members, including one academician, more than 30 research fellows and senior engineers, will focus on exploring IT needs of leading enterprises, conducting IT application research, transmitting application research productions, promoting application resolutions to create values to customers and advance the progress of the society.

            The scope of the application research will cover IT service model, technology tools, industry application and IT service process.

            As a pioneer in China's IT application research, ITARI’s establishment marks a major change in China's IT application research sector and will boost the development of both RayooTech and the IT industry in China. As China's first enterprise IT application research institute, it is expected to develop into a professional research institute of worldwide influence.

            More information about the Institute, visit its website www.itari.com.cn

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